Related Links

  • Autonomic Network Architectures (ANA)
    Novel network architecture (beyond IP) enabling flexible and autonomic formation of network nodes according to working, economic and social needsFocused on adaptation and reorganization of the network.
    ANAPORT is a bibliography reference tool developed within the framework of the ANA project
  • An innovative Paradigm for Autonomic Opportunistic Communication (HAGGLE)
    Cross-layer network architecture exploiting intermittent connectivity Supporting opportunistic networking paradigm (delivery of messages based on store and forward exploiting situated information).
  • Componentware for Autonomic, Situation-aware Communications and Dynamically Adaptable Services (CASCADAS)
    Defining a new generation of highly distributed, pervasive, situation-aware, semantically self-organising communication-intensive services. Focus on self-similarity, autonomic component-ware.
  • System Engineering for Security & Dependability (SERENITY)
    SERENITY aims at providing security and dependability in Ambient Intelligence systems (AmI).For over 36 months, 15 R&D organisations – software companies, research institutions and leading-edge industrials – will develop specifications, methods and a suite of tools ensuring dependability and security for future AmI solutions.
    SensorPlanet is a Nokia-initiated cooperation on large-scale wireless sensor networks. The result of SensorPlanet is a global test platform for mobile-centric wireless sensor network research.
    Undersound is a project exploring the experience of riding the Underground and the mediated perception of the urban space through the design of a highly contextualized interactive system—a music-based application that encourages people to interact with others and with the Underground itself.
  • BIONETS Simulator
    Includes full access to the source and documentation of the BIONETS simulation framework, based on the use of the Omnet++ freely available software tool.