IPR Helpdesk

General questions regarding Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) issues can be found on the EU-sponsored IPR Helpdesk Website.

The BIONETS IPR Helpdesk has been established by CREATE-NET for helping the Consortium members on project specific IPR issues and informing on Community diffusion, protection rules, and issues relating to IPR in research projects.

Dr. Enrico Favale, CREATE-NET Legal Advisor, coordinates this advisory board on behalf of the BIONETS Coordinator, in cooperation with the legal representatives of the BIONETS Consortium members.

Any partner seeking advice, should please access the “IPR Helpdesk” Community in the BIONETS Collaborative Working Environment, post a Discussion, and inform Dr. Favale and all of the registered members of the community.

Advices will then be shared with the whole community.

Access the Helpdesk (Reserved Area)